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Florist Series Flower 601232 - 601239
Price RM11.50 - RM30.00
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Flower Name

Brand: SEMBO
Series: Block Florist
Number of pieces: 50-150
Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H) in CM: 9.0*6.0*12.0
Product size (L x W x H) in CM: -
Blocks Type: LEGO-sized
LED Set: No
Remote Control: No
App Connection: No

List of Flower Name (Product uploaded in 2 product link, please contact us for both links ya~)

601232 Flower Saffron 番红花 (黄色、紫色、白色)
601233 Flower Michelia Fuscata 含笑花(白色、橙黄、玫红)
601234 Flower Trifolium Repens L 白三草(白色、粉红、浅紫)
601235 Flower Hibiscus Syriacus 木槿花(黄色、白色、粉红)
601236 Flower Chysanthenum 菊花(蓝色、黄色、玫红)
601237 Flower Camelia 山茶花(浅紫、粉橙、白色)
601238 Flower Yellow Warbier 黄莺草(黄色、橙黄)
601239 Flower Rose  玫瑰花(红色、黄色、浅粉)
601240 Flower Kapok    木棉花
601241 Flower Scawenger  散尾葵
601242 Flower Lily 百合花
601243  Flower Lilac 丁香花 
601244  Flower Daisy 雏菊 
601245 Flower Fuso 扶桑
601246 Flower Lotus 荷花
601247 Flower Clivia 君子兰
601248 Flower Carnation 康乃馨
601249 Flower Lili of the Valley 铃兰
601250 Flower Dragon Boat 龙船花
601251 Flower Daffodil 水仙花
601252 Flower Sunflower 向日葵
601253 Flower Lavender 薰衣草
601254 Flower Jasmine 茉莉花
601255 Flower Tulip 郁金香

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